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Cotton Type

Polyester fiber with 1.4 denier and cut length of 38 mm with reference to its cut length and denier very much close to Cotton, which is why is called cotton type Fiber. This type of fiber is one of the best options to combine with cotton and viscose. The highest intake of cotton type fibers is in the spinning industry. Depending on the type of cotton fiber can be produced depending up intake moderate or high strength.
Apparel - in a wide range of wearing
apparel: blouses, shirts, dresses, children wear, active wear, separates, swimwear, suits, jackets, skirts, pants, sweaters
Home Fashion
curtains, draperies,bedspreads, comforters, throws, sheets, towels, table cloths, table
Medical and cosmetic applications
bandages, wound plasters

Technical applications in:

  • nonwoven and woven
  • Production of Yarn No. 20 carpet yarn
  • Woven and Nonwoven geotextile
  • Production of variety of Wading in leather products
  • Filtration industry